Subaru-Adventures Walker Valley Off Road Park 2015


December 13, 2015

The weather was expected to be 100% precipitation at Walker Valley ORV Park in Mt. Vernon, Washington State. Six off-road enthusiasts and myself were ready on battling the wettest conditions in our 4WD vehicle down under.  Special Guest, Rohan from Queensland, Australia had the opportunity to join us from his home land and have a glimpse of the equivalent conditions the Northwest has to offer.

Filming this did not make it any easier using a weather proof casing for the SLR with humidity at 100%. Rain or snow, we were on our way to Walker to regroup while Josh installed his passenger rear axle to activate the welded rear differential. Two miles past the entrance gate of Walker Valley Park, Josh snaps the rear stub shaft on his converted Subaru GL wagon ute. It may not have helped having me in the bed while filming and Rohan as a passenger climbing the off cambered hill. Within 10 minutes, Josh replaced the stub shaft with his spare, and we were on the road.

Other than Jeff having a leaking valve stem on his Subaru GL Wagon named “Butters”, we escaped the dark misty forest without any harm done.

Patrick’s GL hatch has been out of service due to a bent steering rack, but it did not stop him from bringing his Jeep Cherokee.
The day was fun and hopefully will see snow our next go around!



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