Subaru Lift Kits | got lift? | 5-Speed Dual Range Removal | Subaru-Adventures Oct 2022

On October 8, 2022, had a chance to catch up with Scott, a long time fabrication mechanic inspiring members of the Subaru community for over 18 years and organizing off road trips to take their lifted Subaru’s wheeling. SJR has been building lift kits for Subaru’s since the mid 2000s. The roll he has done in the community has been in the shadows. As a humble and simple gentleman, Scott always wanted to work for himself and build a steady business while having time to enjoy being with family and wheeling the Subaru’s on weekends. During the West Coast Subaru Shows, “Old School” Scott became well known of his talents and innovating by design different modifications to make Subarus more useful and enjoyable. SJR Lifts have been taken hard and proven for many years a great choice for a lift kit and also supporting a local enthusiast of Washington State. Feel free to visit Scott’s website @ for what he has to offer. Got Lift?  Pick one up before road debris strike the aluminum transmission housing!

During the visit, also had the privilege to meet Jason, a strongly determined Subaru Brat enthusiast and fabrication mechanic being involved in the Subaru Community for many years. His latest purchase was Rob’s Subaru Brat and will be upgrading the gearbox to a 5 Speed Hi/Low Range. Since the 1985-1986 Subaru GL wagon was to be scrapped, Scott took advantage of the plasma cutter to assist with the transmission removal and by salvaging a perfectly good windshield. Enjoy the show!

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