West Coast Subaru Show 19 | Port Townsend, Washington State | 2017


This year, Subaru-Adventures.com had the opportunity to bring three of its vehicles to West Coast Subaru Show 19 on the Olympic Peninsula held in Port Townsend, Washington on August 25-27, 2017 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. At the show we …

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The Journey of a Motorcycle Traveler | Tommy Elvis Torresdal | 8 Years Around the World | BMW HP2


In 2009, Tommy started his journey from Stavanger, Norway and rode his motorcycle through Asia to Australia and finally the Pacific. It took him two years. He lived in Perth, Australia for about four years working and saving his money …

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The Story of Little Red | A 1984 Subaru GL


November 2016, I found an online posting of a 1984 Subaru GL Hatchback for sale in Hood River, Oregon. Merl, the 2nd owner of the Subaru, asked an employee at his local Les Schwab tire center to list the Subaru …

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Subaru-Adventures.com Presents |Yeti the BajaSTi by Sean Fillner


Subaru-Adventures.com would like to share with you the book, Yeti the BajaSTi, by Sean Fillner. The story of one mans dream to conquer the snow in a Subaru. I wish more Subaru enthusiasts would write motivated and passionate builds like …

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Subaru-Adventures | ADF | Mattracks BajaSTi | Winter on Mt. Hood Oregon


On Thursday December 8th at 23:00h, I set out to Sandy, Oregon in the 1992 Subaru Loyale to regroup at 06:00 Friday morning with the ADF Crew, Willow, and Sean in his 2005 Subaru BajaSTi on Mattracks. It seemed to …

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Subaru GL – Winter @ Twin Lakes |Skyline Divide | Mt. Baker


The 1984 Subaru GL “Gordon Lightfoot” and I had a late start to Twin Lakes – Mt. Baker, Washington State. By 13:00h, I began the ascent on the single lane dirt road. I was greeted by Jeeps returning from the …

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Adventuring the Pacific NW | Subaru-Adventures | FozRoamer | ADF


On October 20, 2016, Anderson Design & Fabrication installed its 2nd lift for the 09′-13′ Subaru Forester SH 4” Lift. Harley with FozRoamer from Southern California had its lift upgraded from a 2” to 4” ADF. Subaru-Adventures.com heard from Josh …

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Subaru-Adventures.com featuring 84′ Subaru GL

The 84′ Subaru GL “Gordan Light Foot” takes a day trip to Red Mountain near Mt. Baker, Washington to be used where it should. Offroad. With only 3 hours to spare, this was all we could find. Until next time, …

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Subaru World Rally Team Flag at 17,500′ [Everest Base Camp]


On 26th May, 2016 my brother and I had the honor to raise possibly the first SWRT Flag at 17,500’ at Everest Base Camp. It will be 10 years this year we last traveled together in Finland 2006 to watch …

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Birch Bay, Washington Subaru World Record Parade 2016


On June 5, 2016, Birch Bay, Washington State had the opportunity to be part of the longest Subaru parade in North America with a total of 522 Subarus; some traveling as far as Alaska, Canada, Eastern Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and …

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