West Coast Subaru Show 20 Film | Hatch Patrol | “Thrasher” | “Little Red”, The 1984 Subaru GL Hatch

The West Coast Subaru Show has been a highlight for many across North America. Chris Tex Walker and his wife Monika Walker did an outstanding job over the last few years organizing the show. Thanks to Erich Breitkreutz and Brittany Little for giving their time and efforts. Thanks to Robert Allin Walker and the parking crew, Lisa Faulkner Lewis, Jay Spang, Sarah Jo Spang, Matt Faraca, and all the judges at the show. Thanks to Dennis Nicholson, Sean Nicholson and the rest of the family for running the mudpit. Thanks to Rohan Maxim Ro Max with BERSERKARU for narrating and Eric Zapareski for providing his own old gen Subaru footage to the film and Todd Martin for sharing “Thrasher” the 1984 Subaru GL Brat. Thanks to Anderson Design & Fabrication and the crew: Patrick Anderson and Laura Anderson, Cody Anderson, and Braden Anderson, Geoffrey Goings, Cody Brooke, Jeff Pearson, Steven Dries with Inferno Fabrications, Michael David Anderson, Brian Lipke, Scott Raper with @SJR, Adam Sanders, Ken Quale, Dustin Sakrison, Amanda McFadden, Corky Russell, Jamie Cavett, Erik Lyden for the trailer, Kendrick Gray, Austin Westphal & Jillian Westphal, Johann Ave, Adam Subaru Gormley, Northwest Rally Sports, Jonny Kingman, Gregg Huld & Carsten Huld, Mike Rinck, Rob Allen, Paul Salomoni, Jordan Shaw with 6ovrcrst Rallysport, Stefan Denham with Surgeline, Julius Abad with BugginOut and many many more participants I missed during my busy schedule. Thank you for participating at the WCSS20. It was truly a pleasure being part of with Little Red and filming WCSS20. Forever Friends, Forever Subaru.

Short Version of Film Below

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