Subaru “OffPath” Adventure – Walker Valley Offroad Park

29 November 2014

Pre-Meet in Mt. Vernon @ 10:00. A rare show of Subarus gather onto what they say is a typical drive. From driving over 2’ boulders to the entrance of Walker Valley Offroad Park with weather conditions consisting of snow, ice, rain, and pathways mostly mud and water bed crossings; the group made it through OK with only minor body damage and a broken headlight, snapped rear axles, and a bent rear hub.

8 6 5 5 (2) 4I0A5424 4I0A5421And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5420 4I0A5413 4I0A5405 4I0A5403 4I0A5402 4I0A5400And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5397And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5388And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5384 4I0A5383 4I0A5379And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5376 4I0A5374 4I0A5368 4I0A5351 4I0A5347 4I0A5346 4I0A5336And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5331And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5329 4I0A5308 4I0A5298And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5294 4I0A5292 4I0A5291And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5280 4I0A5276And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5274 4I0A5266 - Copy 4I0A5234And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5232And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5223And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5213And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5211And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5195 4I0A5172 4I0A5163And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5160And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5158And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5144 4I0A5125 - Copy 4I0A5120And2more_tonemapped 4I0A5102 4 3 2 1



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