Subaru Impreza S5 WRC ’98 w/S5 P2000 WRC Vent Fabrication>Install

11 years and still passionate of the World Rally Championship and Subarus. Since 2004 purchasing the 99’ Subaru Impreza 2.5rs, the dream was always there for a WRC lamp pod. For years nothing was on the market. Nearly 14 months ago, Yuriy Antonenko, a designer/fabricator specializing in fiberglass in Russia was able to take a mold off a genuine S5 World Rally Car lamp pod and build a duplicate. After months of sourcing parts through Hella – Germany, Sliding latches through Get-Primitive Racing, multiple trips to the local hardware store, the Lamp Pod was ready for Rally Blue Pearl 74F. After 80 hrs of labor/fabrication/wiring installation, the lamp pod is completely installed and functional with 4 each 100w lamps.

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