40hr Adventure – Mount Hood, Oregon

13 April, 2013 – Front Left Wheel Bearing Replacement, Inner tierods, Wheel Alignment, and FL CV Axle Replacement on 92’ Subaru Loyale L-Series. Mount onboard air-compressor in engine bay. 14 April – 00:01 – Drive down to Portland, Oregon to see Iulian and Gregg. Arrive @ 06:00 Drive towards Mt. Hood 08:00. Hit Polo Pass then turned off on the Vista Ridge Powerline Trail. Gregg and I hit deep snow at the top. Dug ourselves out from 2-3 feet of snow. Headed down to Parkdale to the new Brew Pub with a bowl of veggie chili with a great view of Mt. Hood. The day was so young we headed up to Surveyors Ridge. Too much speed playing around on a gravel spine and caught 5 feet of air. Bashed the Oil Sump Guard , but no damage luckily. Carrying too much speed. Take it slower next time.. oops! A quick run on Fir Mountain Road to Huskey Road enroute to Moser where one of the Oregon Trail Rally Stages is held. Eating more fruit to stay awake.. Headed back to Hood River and up Post Canyon to the OHV staging area for warm bread pan burritos under a starry sky. 40hrs awake without Caffeine. Crashed for sleep at 22:00h off I-84 near Troutdale, Oregon in Iulian’s Semi-Truck double bunk. 15 April – Drive back to Seattle, Wa. Change Clutch on 84’ Subaru GL Hatch.

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